Congregational Care Ministries

We have several ministries to encourage/help congregation members during special moments in their lives.

The Card Committee
Our card committee has over 30 members that send cards each week to members that have had both good and bad events occur recently.  We also send cards to shut-ins and others not able to make it to worship. 
Contact: Lee Young at lyoung@statestreetumc or 270-842-8171

New Baby Dinners
This group prepares meals for families that have recently added a little one into their homes.  Great for anyone with the gift of cooking! 
Contact Jane Cannon 270-781-0799

Bereavement Meals
This meal is made available to all members following a funeral at the church.  Several members prepare the food, decorate, serve, and clean up following the meal. 
Contact: Jane Cannon 270-781-0799 or Joy Beth Dunn 270-846-3556

Casseroles of Caring
Members of our congregation provide food for those just returning home from stays in the hospital or rehab.  Two to three casseroles are provided over the period of a week to help these families get back into the swing of things after an illness or surgery.  If you would like to be a part of this ministry contact Lee Young at or Kim Williams 270-991-6869

Prayer Ministry

SSUMC offers an active prayer ministry through our prayer chain.  Several members are a part of the prayer chain and can be contacted in minutes if there is a prayer need.  We also have an intercessory prayer group that prays over the prayer list each week.  To be part of the prayer group, or if you have an emergency prayer need for the prayer chain, please contact Lee Young at or 270-842-8171.

"Our prayers may be awkward, our attempts may be feeble.  But since the power of prayer is in the One who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference."   Max Lucado

Minute 'Men' Ministries

This ministry is a way to help congregation members with little odd and end jobs around the house.  It can be as simple as changing light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries, to fixing a leaky faucet or helping to build a handicap ramp.  

If you are a "handy" man or woman this is the ministry for you!   To sign up to be a part of this ministry, Contact: Burton Vaughan 270-843-5664 or Art Robb 270-535-7395

If you are unable to complete odd jobs around the house - let the Minute 'Men" come to your aid.   
Contact Lee Young at or 270-842-8171


Adopt a Homebound Member
We are looking for members of our congregation willing to adopt members of our church family who can no longer attend services.  I would love to work with individuals, couple, or families that would like to connect with one of our homebound members. 

If you would be willing to call, visit, or send cards on a regular basis to one of these members, please contact me and I will make the conection for you.  Nothing elaborate is expected.  Just the simple fact of letting people know they are loved, missed and valued even if they can no longer join us in worship. 
Contact Lee Young at or 270-842-8171.

Communion to Homebound Members
We are looking for people willing to take communion to our homebound members the first Sunday of each month.  Lee will prepare the elements for you and provide you with a "script" for your communion service.  You need only bring an open heart, generous spirit and listening ears.  Each team takes communion to one or two members sometime that afternoon, visiting for a bit and sharing the communion of Christ.  This is a powerful ministry that blesses the giver and the recipient equally.  If you would like to be a part of this ministry, contact Lee Young at or 270-842-8171

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